In 2013, Paul Marc Davis was looking for a new premises for his thriving Apple computer repair business and found a “complete blank canvas” at 489 Hackney Road. A sculptor in a former life, he knew he could create something unique there, designing a traditional-looking shop front as a fun and ironic home for this most contemporary of businesses.

The Macsmiths enjoys a “very nice customer base”, says Paul, with locally-based clients often drawn from the creative industries. “I like to work with people who are asking a lot from their machines. My clients are working in graphics or music or film, they’re needing a lot from their machines.

“At the same time, they’re self-employed and they don’t know where their next wage packet is coming from. And so it’s very important that they are keeping these old machines going.”

Paul Marc Davis, The Macsmiths, 489 Hackney Road

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